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    Crazy crude oil in 2022!

    On March 23, the international crude oil futures price increased by 5%. US WTI crude oil futures main contract settlement reported 114.93 US dollars / barrel, increased by 5.66 US dollars or 5.2%; Brent crude oil futures main contract settlement price reported US $ 117.75 / barrel, gain Brent's contract is once again rewards by $ 120. The main Division of Russia and Kazakhstan passed OPC Qihai oil pipelines, resulting in an export interruption, exacerbating short-term supply tight and worrying. In addition, the US crude oil and refined oil stock dual will supply expective snow to add. In the context of the Battle of Russia, Russia as the second largest oil exporter in the world is from Western sanctions, which leads to the expected sound of the supply interruption. Previously, due to some progress in Russian negotiations, as well as news of the International Energy Agency (IEA) release crude oil reserves, oil prices fell below 100 US dollars. But recently Russian negotiations fall into a deadlock, and the future supply interruption risk is once again surfaced, and the oil prices have risen in five consecutive trading days. On Wednesday, the Dihai Pipeline fault message came out, and the oil prices quickly responded, and it was dramatically jumped. According to Russian media reports, on March 22, the Russian Energy Department said that due to the maintenance of the trainee pipe, the crude oil exported through the trainee pipe may be reduced by 1 million barrels / day, and it may take up to 2 months to carry out This means that Russia will lose more crude oil exports in short-term influence in the short term of Western sanctions; it also means that global oil supply is more tense in the next two months. In addition, the inventory data released by the US Energy Information Department (EIA) on Wednesday also brought advantage of oil prices. The United States last week crude oil, gasoline and distillate stocks all declined. Data show that as of March 18, US crude oil inventory decreased by 2.5 million barrels, to 4134 million barrels, the market is estimated to increase 114,000 barrels. US gasoline stocks decreased by 2.9 million barrels, to 2380.4 million barrels, analysts previously expected to reduce 2 million barrels. Distilled oil inventory including diesel and taking warm oil is reduced by 2.1 million barrels, to 1121.4 million barrels, the market is expected to reduce 1.4 million barrels. Crude oil and refined oil stocks have declined, as well as the rise in refinery, indicating that US demand is strong. This forms a strong support for oil prices. About the rear market, the crude oil analyst at the market, the current Russian negotiation is difficult, the West is still adding to Russia's sanctions, the previous United States adopted bills against Russian oil embargo, the EU against Russia US President Biden will start to Brussel on Wednesday, will meet with European leaders on Russian, the main content should remain against Russia's sanctions, and will apply a certain pressure to the EU. The market has generally expected that Russian oil purchase ban in fact has already led to the supply of 200-3 million barrels / day, the EU and Russian oil trade are short-term contracts, and the future Russian oil export will face. But too high oil prices will further press demand, and the market should be guarded against the risks.

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